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Aftermarket OLED Screen and After LCD Screen for iPhone X

Recently there are different types of iPhone X aftermarket screen springing up in the market. Aftermarket Soft OLED, Aftermarket Hard OLED, and Aftermarket LCD screen. Do you know how to identify them? And which one should you buy?

1.Color and Brightness Difference

2. Fit and Install Difference

3. Component Difference

Aftermarket Soft OLED reveals a glass-golden edge on both sides of the earpiece, which is the color of the Soft OLED glass, but Aftermarkt Hard OLED and Aftermarket LCD show a gray edge at this position.

Which quality you should choose for your customers?

If you are in a price-conscious market where cost is most important, choose Aftermarket LCD screen. It’s a difference you will appreciate and can give you an edge in a competitive market.

If your customers demand a higher degree of quality, Aftermarket Soft OLED is the quality for you. With similar brightness and function when compared with original OLED screen, Aftermarket Soft OLED meets the needs of demanding and quality focused markets.

Have further questions about iPhone X Aftermarket screen? Reach out to your dedicated sales representative today!

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